Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Costume Time... Do you have yours?

Yes, of course I bought my dog a costume for Halloween! I even got one for my Grandma's dog. I was hoping for some great shots of them together in costume but they had their own agenda...

Like begging for food from my Grandama, or...

taking a nap with Grandpa, or...

just acting like a DOG. The one with the red collar is KD, and of course my Bella has the pink collar. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for letting me bring Bella with us to visit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fav Fall Pics

This one was Jeffrey's Favorite!

I am having lots of fun with Quinn and her kiddos being here. Being a photographer people might think that I would take a lot of photos during their stay.... however it's not usually the case. I only get my "fancy" camera out for special occasions. Which of course is completely subjective to my mood at the moment. Yesterday I wanted to get some nice pictures with the rich colors of autumn, so I coerced my most readily available models (aka: anyone at my house when the mood strikes) and off we went. Unfortunately it was Tylers nap time so all he wanted to do was hold his mommy, till he fell asleep. Jeffrey on the other hand was a champ, and was actually begging me to take "one more" long after I was done. (that is an extremely difficult accomplishment, for a six year old) But how many kids get to run straight at the camera during their portrait session? Jeffrey did and he LOVED it. The worse the photo turned out, the more he loved it. So being the indulging Auntie that I am, I tried to shoot pictures that HE would be excited about. Then I told Quinn it was her turn. I have always envied her beautiful smile so we took several typical shots with all her teeth gleaming. Then I asked her to be serious and it was so difficult for her not to smile. Then when I showed her the pictures she hardly recognized herself without the smile. And now the question for you... Which photo do YOU like better? Smile vs. Serious, and why?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I haven't been blogging...

Yay, my sis is here!
Jeffrey & QuinnKyle & Tyler

Me & JeffreyIt's true, I've been neglecting my blog. But really can you blame me, I have company. Besides 2 year olds & 6 year olds just don't think watching me sit in front of my computer is fun? Go figure. So I decided with the weather forecast calling for snow that pumpkin picking would be a perfect activity for Jeffrey & I to tackle. Well the pumpkins were soooo big that it took Quinn's help just to get them into the wagon. Then we saw all the other veggies begging to be picked and we caved. So what started as a 20 minute project ended up as a complete 3 hour fall harvest and cleanup. And what kid could resist climbing in with the pumpkins to go for a ride...

Yes you guessed it, Tyler definitely resisted...

but Bella didn't.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My new baby "Bella"

"MY bone, no touchie"

"A nice warm leg to curl up next to"
I've done it, I am now the happy owner of a Boston Terrier. Bella was excatly 5 months old yesterday, when I went to pick her up. I got her from my new friend Alice Hickey, right here in West Valley.
The benefits of this are :

1. she's already housebroke

2. she sleeps through the night

3. she's already housebroke

4. she has a personality

5. best of all... she's already housebroke

(oh wait maybe I already said that?)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A lovely day for Waterpolo

Yesterday rained ALL day! Kira and Kali both had a polo game which means we had the privilege of watching from the stands with umbrellas and blankets. Next Saturday is the final games for the "summer" season. It's sure been fun watching them play. Kyle was in Cedar City for the day on a field trip for school to watch a play at the Shakespearean Festival.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Quads turn 3!!

I did this shoot last week and spent some time today editing them. So many of the pictures showed such character and personality that I had a really hard time narrowing it down. These are a few favorites. Way to go Taggart family you never cease to amaze me and constantly remind me to take life one step at a time.

Remember this? Thanks for letting me capture moments like that.

Photo Tag

The rules of the game: Go to your pictures folder and take the fourth picture from the fourth file and post it.

Thanks Krista this is the first BLOG game I've been invited to play, I was starting to feel like Rudolph (you know the red nosed reindeer) Never getting to play any bloggone games. :-}

First let me admit how hard is was not to cheat! You see I have literally thousands and thousands of pictures so I would have loved an excuse to share a completely random picture with out having to say much about it.

But I followed the rules and luckily it was a photo that I don't mind sharing. This is the Adamson Family, taken 2 years ago this month. This is when I decided that I need to charge additional for pets. Don't get me wrong, I had soooo much fun during this shoot, but man I was exausted. Seven dogs and a toddler, enough said.
Now it's your turn. I tag Patience, Candace, LeAnn, & Robyn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Attack of the killer Pumpkins

As referenced in previous posts here are my much anticipated pumpkin pictures. This is 1 pumpkin plant that thinks it owns the whole back yard. Now it's trying to creep up my back steps and into the house. Should I fear for my life? Or do I teach it who's boss around here with say a butcher knife? Seriously does anyone know how to prune a pumpkin plant?

Here are some more pictures of whats 'growing on' around here.... (come on am I the only one laughing or do you think I'm punny too?) :-}

So one last question, if you notice the gourdy looking thing is growing on a chain link fence. The plant belongs to my neighbor but the "fruit" is on my side. Who harvests the fruit? If I pick it do I just take it around to their house and say, "'s your gourd, have a nice day?" I don't even know when to pick it or exactly what it is? If it were just 1 item I would probably just let it hang there till my neighbor said something about it, but we have 4 different "fruits" of 2 varieties that are growing on my side. I don't really want to see them just go to waste and yet I hardly ever see my neighbors to ask. Does anyone know what the etiquette is for this sort of thing?