Friday, January 30, 2009

No pictures (and thats a GOOD thing)

Well wow what a week it's been. Last Saturday we were happy to have Anthony's sister AMY and her family come over for a visit from Indiana. We had planned it 3 weeks ago since our schedule can be complicated sometimes. When Amy called Sat. morning and said 1 of her kids was ill in the night and asked if we wanted to cancel we answered with a confident "no way, it's worth the risk". We had a lovely visit and quite enjoyed the stories and video footage they brought with them. Sunday was uneventful until about 9pm when Kali started complaining she didn't feel well. Now being wise old parents we immediately recognised the signs of "forgot to do my homework this weekend" illness that always hits on a Sunday night. With very little compassion we offered the token "barf bowl" as if to say, "we really wish you had done your homework so you wouldn't be feeling this way" and continued talking at the table. Less than 5 minutes later a mad dash across the living room and up the 1st set of stairs left Kali right at our feet curled horrifically around that bowl. "OK already, you win we won't make you go to school tomorrow" now can I help you into the bathroom? Yes we were dead wrong... this was no homework related illness... as she proved again and again and again over the next 12 hours. Kira likes to be as much like Kali as possible so she followed quickly behind her sisters example and was also very ill. Kyle being such a sympathetic guy was overcome from the sights and sounds that evening and said he felt nauseous himself on Monday morning. Without further questioning he stayed home as well. Tuesday was much the same as Monday, photos and descriptions unnecessary. By Tuesday evening though everyone seemed back to normal so we decided to send everyone back to school on Wednesday. Kyle had just seemed to have sympathetic pains for his sisters and had not provided any tangible evidence so when he texted me from school saying he still didn't feel that great, I was rather pessimistic. However when the school secretary called to inform me of the colorful display he had provided for his schoolmates in the hallway after lunch, I was instantly converted to full believer status.
I admit this whole parenting thing stumps me from time to time. Just when you think you know exactly whats going on something else happens that leaves you scratching your head. I am FAR from a perfect parent. But I can say I do give it my best every single day. I am so grateful to have the chance to be called MOM by these incredible kids that teach me soooo much. I love each one of them to pieces (in sickness and in health). I enjoy the deep friendships that take root as they get older and have the abilities to share their own thoughts and opinions with me about the world around them. I cherish this time with them and wish I could slow the clock down so we had more time together.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blue-Haired Teens

This blog is about being "fair". Although I still wholeheartedly believe that "life's NOT fair" (thanks Mom) I will post a few pictures of the First annual girls swimteam BLUE party. Since the boys got the last post, here you go girls. Yes, I really did give Kali my full permission to go blue. Rather than focus on WHY, I simply asked myself why not? SO when I couldn't answer my own question reasonably, permission was granted without much fanfare. I was way into school spirit back in my day... and we never did anything quite this fun. I did shave a letter "M" into the sideburns of my hair... once upon a time. Now it's more embarrassing to admit that I HAD sideburns in the first place. Purple hair would have been much cooler. Good luck to all you enthusiastic swimmers at Regionals next week!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa! (& Jamie, Seth, & Jerrie)

How often do you get invited to be part of a surprise for someones birthday? Tonight was my lucky night because I got to go document 2 important events. First it was the annual boys swimteam "bleaching" party and then a new tradition may have been born with a "speedo serenade" for Lisa's (46th, am I allowed to post this publicly?) Birthday. The garage reeked of bleach and looked like a gamers retreat as the HHS boys swimmers tried to remove all color from their hair. I'm not sure as to the exact history behind this? (maybe if you know you could leave me a comment) Anyway the lovely and unsuspecting Lisa was summoned to the garage where many speedo clad boys burst into the "Happy Birthday" song for her, while holding a cake that was lovingly referred to as "a FIRE hazard". So without further ado here are some pictures that are at least smile provoking.

Conventions are rough

It seems like I just got back from Phoenix a few hours ago, but really I returned home on Wednesday. What was I doing in Phoenix you ask? I was at the Professional Photographers National Convention (aka Imaging USA). It is sooo much fun, and there is literally too much to do. By the last day most people have stopped taking notes and are just trying not to flip the breaker box in thier brain.... warning... OVERLOAD... too much to process! My friends and I had a special treat this year of being invited up to a VIP lounge at the tradeshow. If this is what it feels like to be a VIP, I think I could get used to it. Thanks Tami and Jerrie for another rockin good time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy "OLD" Year

Since I don't have any cool playing in the snow pictures for this winter yet, I decided to reach back a year and see what I could find... and since I didn't have a Blog back then I'm sure nobody has seen these. Don't forget to check out the "rainbow teeth" that Kali no longer has. :-)