Monday, October 25, 2010

Mish Mosh

I am still galivanting. I fly home in just 3 days. Where has the time gone? We have been able to do sooo much on this trip but of course there is no time for blogging. So here is the sweetened condensed version of the last two weeks.


Europa Park= fabulous fun, including roller coasters :-)


The lovely Meike (see previous Post)


My favorite brand of Swiss Chocolate (also THE most expensive chocolate I have ever indulged in)


The Klaproth kids- just one of the many families I have grown to love and enjoyed doing a portrait session with.

GUS_8580 My absolute favorite German soccer goalie- aka Jeffrey

One determined little monkey! Some people call him Tyler


Beautiful blondies- I can never get enough of these girls

GUS_8657 Niklas and Benny- handsome fellas


Tori and Quinn



I promise a whole post on Prague, coming soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Falling for Switzerland

Just in case you haven’t heard, I’m currently “off gallivanting the globe” as my dear husband likes to say. I flew to Germany to visit my sister, and then together we flew to Switzerland to visit her sister in law. Meike is the most gracious hostess and it is always a treat to see her. We went for a photowalk through her village and here is your eye candy from that.

D20_3331 Kudos to my Sister Quinn for this amazing shot. The rest are mine so just enjoy…

GUS_7543 GUS_7553 GUS_7559 GUS_7578 GUS_7598 GUS_7604 GUS_7609

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am certainly NOT perfect

I read a post today that was very powerful and true. Sorry I don’t have a photo for you today. But this is a good read.  I AM real.  And so are my children, and my husband. We do try to be good but we are NOT perfect. Thanks for loving us anyway.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


GUS_6644 Sometimes I really love my job! More so on the “fieldtrip” days than on the “sitting in front of  the computer for hours on end” days. This last weekend we had a workshop in Moab and it was so beautiful to be outside.  All the red rock, the perfect weather, having my camera and time to shoot anything that caught my eye. We had a model that we could work with or we could wander a bit on our own. Here are a few pictures from Saturday night.

GUS_6648 - Copy GUS_6666 - Copy GUS_6669 - Copy GUS_6672