Thursday, June 25, 2009

"she drives me crazy, woo woo"

Anybody remember that song? Well somehow it just seemed fitting after pondering the fact that Kali now can officially drive... ALONE!! Not to admit paranoia or anything but my mind did start to wander a bit when that fire truck passed me today as I was headed home. And then I remembered she didn't even have the car today so relax, already! Exciting things are always hapening here. Forgive the quality of this picture I had to take it with my cell phone. Just look at that grin! Congrats Kali and you only missed 2 points, Fabulous!

Monday, June 22, 2009

German invasion

It's that time of year again when we get to make some international friendships. With my sister Quinn, (who lives in Germany) we have started a summer exchange program. We coordinate kids with host families for kids wishing to visit a different country. We have 7 kids here in Utah for the summer. I am happy to report that everyone has made it safe and sound.

Christoph was the youngest and the 1st one off the plane.

Charies meeting her host family for the first time
waiting, waiting and waiting some more

here they come

Elena with the Kohler family

Anna with the McPhie family
Jeramy with the Allred family

Charies with the Love family

Christoph with the Hickenloopers

Kali,Benedikt, Nils, and Hyrum. Their flight was so late getting in that the families were not able to make it to the airport
And is any travel experience complete without lost luggage? She is explaining that his missing piece will be delivered to his house the next day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Birthday, Anniversary, Youth Confrence

Awhhh shucks a pictureless post. Can you believe I was to busy to bring my camera to Lava Hotpsrings, Idaho? Maybe it was because of the horrid weather forecast? Nothing but rain. And the fact that we would be camping in tents. Somehow the thought of rain, cold, bugs and dirt inspired me to leave my camera gear at home. Wise choice. The forecast was correct. It poured. And yet somehow we all still had a fabulous time. The service project in the rain was actually a highlight for me. Yardwork in the rain does not bother me. It actually felt like it was more servicelike. I felt like a little kid that went out to play and forgot to come back in when it started to rain. The water dripped off my nose. I had to push my bangs off my face to change the direction of the drip. So satisfying.

The river that we had planned to spend a day tubing down was actually to high and fast for us to go on. Luckily Lava had a fabulous outdoor pool with monster high dives, waterslides, and even an aquatic climbing wall. It was cold but fun.

So my Birthday was spent packing up the whole family for Youth Confrence. My Anniversary was the first day at Youth Confrence. Much to our good fortune there was a new hotel just up the road from the campsite, and plenty of adult supervision. With the Bishop's encouragement we got to spend our anniversary at Lion's Gate Manor in the famous "Phantom suite". It was more than a little awkward the next day when our whole group went to tour the themed rooms of the hotel. We just stayed in the car, no need to hear any comments about the room we actually slept in. :-)

16 pictures from a Sixteenth Party

Yep, my oldest is now 16!!!!! Such a milestone birthday. So many new opportunities and responsibilities. First Date, official drivers license, first job, a car to drive, decisions, decisions, decisions. Just when I think no, she's not ready to be 16, I will find a way to stop it... she matures overnight and thrills me with her wisdom, understanding and compassion towards life and others. Man I love this GIRL!! Enough rambling, enjoy the pictures.

Kali & Jenica latched onto each other in 3rd grade and haven't let go of each other yet!

Kali & Madison... swim besties

Sound Solutions (aka corbridge family) did the music. They are great!

Kali , Hyrum & Ken

the yummies

Jed & Anthony.... to cool to dance?

Laura & Talon

Mary & Kaysha
Her cake read, "Happy 16th birthday my Princess"

Luke & Christine

Grace, Hope & Kali

Kali & Corbin

Ken & Kali neighbor besties

Mary & Kali Birthday Besties... exactly 1 year apart


Kali & Hyrum, dancing or talking?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Playing Bloggie Catch-up

So much has happened in the last 19 days that I don't even know where to start?
I will try to be chronological. So that means Chris Graduated!!!

The whole class of 2009

look who's in the very last row, and looking for us in the audience

"Can we go out for dinner now?"

"Look, it's for real"

"Let me straighten that cap for you!"

Outside the E center, taking pictures waiting for the traffic jam to disperse a little

Doesn't he look all grown up?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Season

June starts the beginning of birthdays at our house. I did an impromptu mini session with Bella in honor of her first year. So I just wanted so wish the best doggie in the world a Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all the smiles, happiness and joy you have brought to our family. You truly make our life better just by being you. And I forgive you for falling asleep, during your party.
WE LOVE YOU BELLA! (aka bells, snort, baby bell)