Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Foot in Front of the Other

It has been 1 month since Kira's diagnoses and I still can not bring myself to write about the past. So I will just skip forward a bit. Kira is making big strides in managing her diabetes on her own. She checks her blood, counts carbs, calculates insulin, and gives shots all on her own. (this sometimes fluctuates with her mood, but she has the skills) She is back into swimming and her coach even said her times are improving. Exercise has been a struggle though to try and guess how big of a snack to feed her and what combinations of foods will last through a 2 hour practice. Trial and error is not my favorite learning style but we are figuring it out. Here are some pictures of Kira at school doing the things that she has to do now to manage type 1 diabetes. Kudos to the school secretaries who lend their support daily as they help Kira to remember all the steps to this process.