Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've now entered the blogosphere...

In January 2007 I took a photography lighting class where I made a good friend, Candace Alldredge. The kind of friend it seems like you've known forever because you can ramble on, giggle with and just totally relax and be yourself. We decided to attend WPPI in Las Vegas together in the next few weeks. I was so impressed with her ability to jump in with both feet and get her websites going. Then her blog. I was constantly saying let me know how it goes and then maybe if it works for you I will give it a try. We would talk on the phone and advise each other in our photographic endeavors. We talked about the fact that it was way past time for her to have her family portrait done! Her son Hayes was already 3 and they had not done a professional portrait yet. In October 2007 they found out that her husband Cory had cancer for the second time. We decided to take their family pictures before he even started treatment. What an honor to be able to document this beautiful family. The road was long and Candace and Cory were amazingly brave but Cory passed away April 29th. It has been over 5 weeks now and yet I still can't quit thinking about how much I learned from this sweet family. Candace thank you so much for sharing parts of your journey with me. I am starting my blog because you inspire me and encourage me to reach out of my comfort zone and achieve more. I could think of no better way to pay tribute to Cory than to put this slideshow together of your family. The first song is the one they shared their first dance to at their wedding.

I know the video is small, but it is all they allow on this site. I am looking for a different place to post it bigger, I will let you know when I find it.