Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009


I love taking this picture… the last one before I go to bed on Christmas Eve.


Can you find me? Yep I’m in the ornament.


Waking up in the girls room


Oh what to do… get footage or search for chocolate?


Traditional PJ pic


Please, please let this really be a PS2 and not a cruel joke


“I wanna live like no one else, so someday I can live like no one else”


Who’s ready to play ball?


Clothes, clothes and more clothes :-)


We were lucky to have Amy share Christmas with us this year.


I’m ready to go shootin’!!


“And thanks for my new hair color, I love it”


Of course I still pop the bubbles on the bubblewrap!


Another merry Christmas at our house

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some things are worth freezing for


Temple square at Christmas time is definitely worth the cold.


In August Kira invited my good friend Amy to come for Christmas this year… and she actually was willing!

Ah the fun of having someone to help you wrap presents, shop, eat, talk, and sing with!

GUS_3112 GUS_3170





What a good time, my friend.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hunter boys swim team is 1st in the District...

and this is thier victory dance. Coaches included. Way to go BOYS!!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Festivities

I truly believe that no one is EVER too old to sit on Santa’s lap. And just to prove my point…

my partner in crime Lisa helped me show Kira just how it’s done.


Anthony has had quite the performance schedule this year. He was in his first “band” gig for his work Christmas party (and did fabulous I must say). Kyle joined with him as part of a barbershop group for a couple of different parties. Kyle even had his own solo part, great job you definitely take after your father.


Kali and I went to our first ever cookie exchange. Thanks for hosting this Darcy, what a fun idea!

I still need the recipe for the punch. It was pretty and tasty.


Here are some of the treats that we got to take home with us.


This is how Kyle likes to unwind after a long day. He just landed the part of Nathan in the school musical of Guys and Dolls. I will let you know when performances are scheduled for this Spring.

I have so much more to share but my time is short, we have a choir performance tonight. I am so grateful for Christmas music and how it helps me keep the holidays in perspective and bring the spirit into our lives.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas Sis

As I look out the window at the snow, it is fun to look at the image I have just finished working on. This is Quinn and her family. She is my older sister that I adore. This is also her Christmas present this year. So here is proof that I actually got it finished in plenty of time for Christmas… even though there is no possible way it will arrive at your house in time. Thanks for coming to spend last summer with us. Excellent times that will always be cherished. I Love you!


Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well I just couldn’t resist. I took our family Christmas card pictures today and since I am way over due for a blog post I just had to share 2 images from today. This is poor Bella freezing her tail off… (oh wait, most Bostons don’t have a tail anyway)


The second is proof that we are insane to be outside “standing around” in this weather. Can you say frostbite of the fingertips holding a metal camera in these temperatures? I sure can!


Hope you are warm and making time to enjoy this holiday season.