Monday, October 25, 2010

Mish Mosh

I am still galivanting. I fly home in just 3 days. Where has the time gone? We have been able to do sooo much on this trip but of course there is no time for blogging. So here is the sweetened condensed version of the last two weeks.


Europa Park= fabulous fun, including roller coasters :-)


The lovely Meike (see previous Post)


My favorite brand of Swiss Chocolate (also THE most expensive chocolate I have ever indulged in)


The Klaproth kids- just one of the many families I have grown to love and enjoyed doing a portrait session with.

GUS_8580 My absolute favorite German soccer goalie- aka Jeffrey

One determined little monkey! Some people call him Tyler


Beautiful blondies- I can never get enough of these girls

GUS_8657 Niklas and Benny- handsome fellas


Tori and Quinn



I promise a whole post on Prague, coming soon.


Darilyn said...

I feel like crying seeing Quinn and her family. I really miss that girl. I'm so glad you had a good time. It's wonderful that you are able to take the time to spend with her each year.

Meike said...

Gusti.. those are all beautiful pictures of the family. Love them!! (the family and the photos :)

Anonymous said...

The settings for the pictures are amazing! I LOVE the barn and the building with the Klaproth family! Only in Europe!